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About Botanifique

Botanifique is a famous plant-made skincare brand located in Israel. It provides beauty products based on pure ingredients which contain a variety of plants, oils and fruit extracts to create natural modern skin care products. They sell a wide range of herbal and anti-aging products mostly for women.
Botanifique’s products sell well in many countries around the world and are warmly recommended by customers from Europe and America.

What was the idea?

In recent years, the cosmetics ingredients issue has been at the forefront of customers’ concern – especially in China. An increasing number of Chinese customers prefer to purchase skincare products which are naturally made and from original ecology.

Therefore, it was only a matter of time for Botanifique before they decided to expand into the Chinese market.

How Up2China helped

To do so, they appointed Up2China to be their online and offline representative, to set up their online marketing in China and to run their selling operations.

We started out with opening and running their Taobao Store. The famous platform allows users to access Botanifique’s fascinating products with ease and buy them with no more than one click.

Furthermore, Up2China actively searched for distributors to spread their products. Meanwhile, we have also engaged in offline selling and marketing to increase Botanifique’s brand awareness.

Check out their Taobao store here:

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