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About D-Fence

Founded in 1994, D-Fence’s strategy has been to become an innovative company with the specific aim of developing, designing and manufacturing Electronic Fencing Systems, Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) and Communication Equipment for the Electronic and the Physical Security Industry.
The company’s commitment to careful design and guaranteed quality ensured D-Fence’s establishment as one of the very top names in the international perimeter security market.

What was the idea?

In 2017, D-Fence (Tianjin) Technology Co. Ltd. entered Xiqing Saida Development Zone Incubator. This project was the first step forward to integrate themselves into the Chinese market.

To further increase their exposure, D-Fence teamed up with Up2China to create an online presence.

How Up2China helped

Up2China set up the Chinese website of D-Fence, running website optimization, localization and translation services and ensuring full compatibility to the Chinese market. Additionally, we made sure their website was fully accessible from mainland China through local server hosting.

Furthermore, Up2China ensured that their representative videos were accessible to the Chinese population on Yokou (a Chinese alternative to YouTube). We also created a mobile website and bought a Chinese domain.

As a result, D-Fence gained popularity and could soon start to provide to Chinese customers.


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