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About Gordon-Tours

Gordon-Tours is one of the largest travel agencies in Israel offering unique experiences to travelers around the world for more than 40 years. The company offers both incoming and outgoing tours and specializes in niche packages for international clientele. All of Gordon’s hotels, tour operators, and general services are carefully selected by the staff and over the years, Gordon-Tours has built up a close relationship with leading providers across the world.

What was the idea?

In recent years, dynamic changes in tourism made experienced providers face many new challenges. Gordon-Tours has set up a Science & Technology Innovation Department to embrace these challenges and improve their unique professional services.

To attract more Chinese tourists to Israel, Gordon Tours were searching for a trusted partner to help them access the world’s leading outbound tourism market.

How Up2China helped

Understanding Gordon-Tours’ situation, Up2China reached out to our extensive network to find suitable Chinese travel agencies and broker beneficial partnerships to make Israel the destination of choice.

To aid in the consumer decision-making process, Up2China built a fully localized website with hosting in mainland China to ensure full visibility and fast loading speed. We also set up an official account on WeChat - the biggest social app in China with over 1 billion monthly active users.

In 2017, Gordon Tours successfully launched the first trip from China to Israel and have since continued to welcome Chinese holidaymakers to discover the treasures of the Holy Land.

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