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IDEAHUB is an international education group focused on teaching children creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of science and technology. Working with public and private schools as well as specialist centers, IDEAHUB creates educational programs for 3 to 12-year-olds. IDEAHUB was officially launched in early 2016.

What was the idea?

After achieving great success in Israel and the USA, China’s booming education market seemed the logical next step. “China is transforming from a manufacturing country to an innovative country, which is a process”, said one of the IDEAHUB co-founders, “This process starts with education and China urgently needs to cultivate innovative talent. Therefore, our project will be very attractive.”

However, IDEAHUB’s website was unable to make it past the great firewall, so an alternative was needed to enter the Chinese education field.

How Up2China helped

To tackle this issue, Up2China helped IDEAHUB set up a domain and server in mainland China, as well as supporting them in the complex ICP licensing process. The original website was then redesigned to better suit Chinese UX/UI preferences and received a complex SEO to ensure top rankings in Chinese search engines.

A searchable online presence has allowed IDEAHUB to introduce innovative concepts to the education industry in China. Schools and students alike are now benefiting from a new way of learning.

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