Website design and localization, Server maintenance and hosting, ICP licence

About Inneractive

Inneractive is a globally independent mobile ad exchange focused on powering native and video advertising. Their aim is to empower mobile publishers to realize the full potential of their properties by providing effective technologies for the buying and selling of mobile ads.
Inneractive’s headquarter is in Tel Aviv, Israel but also has offices in San Francisco, New York, London, and Beijing.

What was the idea?

Inneractive positions their value orientation on creating ad revenues, excellent user-experience, and in-depth analysis. It aims to reach all possible users and tries to connect with them one by one. Spotting the opportunities in China’s mobile-first and app-first digital landscape, Inneractive needed an online presence of their own.

How Up2China helped

To create the impact Inneractive was looking for, Up2China redesigned the front-end of the original website to suit Chinese UX/UI preferences and translated website content to resonate with the target market appropriately.

We also took care of the complex technical aspects such as the setup and ongoing maintenance of Interactive’s server farm, ICP license support and the re-integration of the website from abroad to China.

Inneractive now has an influential and fully accessible website in mainland China with fast loading speeds, which leaves a lasting impression on prospective clients.

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