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About JoyTunes

There is no doubt that JoyTunes is reinventing the way people learn music. With over 7 million users, their award-winning mobile apps make it possible for anyone to learn a musical instrument.
JoyTunes works in partnership with music educators to achieve the best possible learning experience. By combining music methodologies with the latest gaming features, it encourages users to practice, learn sight reading and gather rhythm skills.
The app records what is played on real instruments and then gives feedback for improving – no wires needed.

What was the idea?

JoyTunes, a team of less than 15 people, originally identified the North American market as main target customers, until Don Fishel, one of the co-founders of the piano self-learning software, expressed his curiosity about the Chinese market.

Then, given the importance of education in Chinese culture, JoyTunes realized that China could become a critical market for them. However, currently only available on the Apple App Store, users in mainland China were finding the educational apps very slow to open and had issues loading content.

How Up2China helped

JoyTunes collaborated with Up2China with the goal to have a lasting impact on Chinese education. Identifying their problems, we stepped in to help and developed a bespoke content acceleration solution for smoother user experience. To achieve this, we applied for an SSL (a different and difficult process in China), established a stable and reliable server and deployed an efficient CDN to increase overall loading speed.

With over 1 million songs being played throughout JoyTunes’ apps every week, students and teachers across China can now have fun learning with no interruptions!

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