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About Oilyland

Oilyland was founded in 2011 and since then hopes to promote the best quality health food in Israel. The products of Oilyland combine the knowledge generated by modern advanced technology and the ancient wisdom for thousands of years of the Israeli people. Its vision is to bring the taste of premium quality olive oil and Dead Sea flavored salt to customers around the world.

What was the idea?

Since established in Israel, Oilyland is blessed with advantaged geographical conditions to produce salt, olive oil and other natural products. Their products are a perfect fit with the aspiring middle classes. Oilyland aims to propagate their brand concept through the large potential of China’s consumer market.
The first step was to create a successful market entry strategy and establish their online presence, while also improving their offline representation. Therefore, it was essential for Oilyland to familiarize itself with the promotion mode, consumption channel, customer preference and so forth.

How Up2China helped

In the beginning, Up2China guided Oilyland through the initial stages of e-commerce website design, localization and server hosting as well as integrating payment solutions suitable for the Chinese market (Alipay). This was supported by a robust SEO strategy placing them in the top rankings for ‘olive oil and ‘Israeli olive oil’ on Chinese search engines, as well as setting up official accounts on Chinese social media networks (WeChat and Weibo).

Our team of experienced writers created bespoke content to drive traffic through these channels, building more than 1,000 WeChat followers in the first few months alone. With such positive engagement, we took it one step further – opening a WeChat store, allowing consumers to buy directly through the app.

As part of their offline strategy, Oilyland took advantage of our wide network of contacts to establish strong partnerships with a number of distributors.

With our rewarding commitment, Oilyland is now enjoying considerable sales revenue from the Chinese market.

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