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About Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity was founded with one principle in mind; to develop and deliver the safest and most effective anti-aging products to consumers across the globe. Zero Gravity is proud to be a prolific leader in the skin-care market.

Zero Gravity/EOS produce LED light therapy backed by scientific research and the American FDA. Both offer similar products; however, each brand is targeted to a different type of consumer.

What was the idea?

With the rising demand of revolutionary skin-care products in China, ZeroGravity aimed to provide Chinese consumers in pursuit of beauty with their healthy and efficient equipment. However, lack of publicity hampered their way to stand out in the competitive and stimulating market. Therefore, Zero Gravity/EOS contacted Up2China in order to create a brand and gain exposure on the Chinese market.

How Up2China helped

First off, we started with careful market research to determine the optimal approach for our work. Then, Up2China rebuilt the product and brand from scratch, designed the logo and provided translation services.

Furthermore, we set up and now run their WeChat and Weibo account, allowing greater access to Chinese consumers. In addition, we provided valuable marketing material and content in order to increase brand awareness and improve knowledge of their products.

Meanwhile, we also run their Taobao store and work to sell the product offline, too, which enables our client to gain access to a wide variety of customers.

Due to our lasting commitment, Zero Gravity/EOS could establish a local branding and are now enjoying considerable sales revenue from China!

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