Go beyond the Great Firewall and unlock your company’s untapped potential
China is a vast and dynamic market, but the digital landscape may be very different from what you’re used to. Forget Facebook, Twitter or Google - you’ll need an effective, localized strategy to really connect with the Chinese consumer.
With over 10 years of expertise, we understand the intricacies of the local market and know exactly what it takes to build a successful and cost-effective business in China.
From start-ups to multinationals, we listen carefully to our clients’ requirements and create customized solutions to help businesses not just enter but thrive in the Chinese online market.
Looking to expand into a new market or develop a concept from scratch?
Contact us now and consult our team of experts.

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Our team

Shlomi Mahfouda
Managing Partner
Dean Deng
Managing Partner
Art Director
Roshel Moshayev
BD Manager
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Operations Manager
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Rachel Lee
Product Manager
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Our Expertise


China’s most popular social app has millions of views every day so you simply must use this platform to promote your business.
Do you want to sell your products online? Use the WeChat store. Do you want to tell your followers about your latest news? Use your Official Account. Do you want to build an app inside WeChat? We can take care of all of this for you!


JD and Taobao, the biggest e-commerce platforms in China, have more than 500 million users. We can help you open your online store, manage and promote your products, and deal with all the logistics. With access to so many potential customers, what are you waiting for?

Website & App Localization

Optimizing a site or app for different languages and cultures goes far beyond basic translation, especially in China.
Our localization service combines cultural and technical adaptations including server hosting, payment methods, translation, ad networks, Android store syncing, and official account setup on QQ, Weibo, and WeChat.

Server Maintenance & Hosting

If you’ve decided to set up a server farm in China, you should have experts that can manage it. We can operate your servers, apps, and websites here so you can be sure your content is 100% accessible in mainland China.

Digital Marketing

Online marketing in China is based on local search engines such as Baidu, Qihoo360 and Sogou; and social media channels like WeChat and Weibo. Different channels mean different rules apply! From marketing strategy to localized content creation and social media management, we know how to engage the Chinese consumer.

Website & App Development

Looking to build an online presence in China? We offer custom software development for iOS, Android, web, and HTML5. Our full-cycle service includes initial strategy; scope and structure definition; development; information architecture; UI\UX, as well as software support and upgrade.

Our Services

We believe that because your business is unique, your strategy for entering the Chinese market should be too. Chat to our team of experts today for tailor-made solutions specific to your product or service.
We do, however, offer several basic packages to get you up and running in the marketplace.

Get your app or website noticed in mainland China

★   Positioning on prominent Chinese Android stores

★   Server hosting and ICP licence support

★   WeChat embedded version of your app

★   Official account setup and content management on WeChat, Weibo, QQ, Baidu

★   Optimization of your product/service on Chinese search engines (SEO)

Lead Generation
Launch an effective social media & SEO campaign

★   Official WeChat account setup

★   Official Weibo account setup

★   Content creation and management specific for your target market

★   SEO on Chinese search engines

★   Translation of content - suitable for your Chinese market and true to the original version

★   Real-time feedback on your digital campaign – ensuring that your marketing gets traction

B2CC E-Commerce
Sell your products directly to the Chinese consumer

★   E-commerce store setup on JD, Taobao, Tmall, and WeChat

★   Brand and product visibility on Chinese social media

★   SEO on Chinese search engines and e-commerce platforms

★   Management of Chinese express delivery networks

★   24/7 customer service

Market Research and Analysis
Understand the market and improve your entry strategy

★   Analysis and data mining of local and global competitors in the Chinese market

★   Analysis of competitor advertising and social media based marketing

★   Market segmentation and potential market share

★   In-depth consumer profiling and trend research

★   Tailor-made digital marketing strategy based on research



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